About Bobby Singh

About Bobby Singh

‘Prosperity through Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion’

Bobby is the Conservative Party of Canada Candidate representing Scarborough - Rouge Park, Canada’s most culturally diverse community.

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Meet Bobby

The son of immigrants, Bobby is a proud Canadian of the Punjabi Sikh community and has lived his entire life in the district of Scarborough, specifically 30 years as a resident in Scarborough Rouge Park. He has watched this community mature and transition, from being a predominantly English-Canadian community to now representing multiple minority groups accounting for over 56% of the population.

Professional Background

Bobby is a successful entrepreneur – business professional with nearly two decades of experience in launching successful start-up businesses. He has also worked within financial, retail, government, and consumer packaged goods industries advising stakeholders within customer service, finance, and strategy capacities. 

Public Policy

As a champion of human rights, and a member of the persons with disabilities community, Bobby has dedicated much of his adult life advocating for the disenfranchised and disabled. Specifically, he has served communities through active involvement in several non-profit organizations and within leadership, volunteer and consultative capacities within academic institutions addressing issues of accessibility, disability, diversity and inclusivity, and gender discrimination as related to fair access to education. Bobby has also researched the Canadian judiciary to raise grassroots concerns regarding unnecessary delays in justice administration and shared his recommendations with the Attorney General of Canada. 

What most impresses about Bobby is his passion and willingness to initiate ‘change’ for the betterment of Canadians. For instance, Bobby has raised awareness to the challenges of reunification for immigrant families due to unjust barriers presented by the existing government. He has also been a strong proponent of constituent concerns like the negative impact the imposed carbon tax has had on small local busines, and the increased prevalence of gun violence incidences in and around many parts of Scarborough exclusively. To date, Bobby continues to promote equity and the empowerment of all marginalized peoples and communities within a social justice and public policy context.

Political Interests

In 2016 Bobby expressed interest to run as a nominee for candidate in the Ontario Scarborough Rouge River provincial by-election. Subsequently, in 2017 he expressed interest and sought appointment to Toronto City Council in the former Ward 44. Presently, Bobby is driven to bring his message of ‘diversity, inclusivity and collaboration’ to Ottawa as the Conservative Candidate for Member of Parliament (MP) in the forthcoming federal election.   


As related to educational achievements, Bobby holds: Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees in Finance-Economics and Psychology from the University of Toronto; Master of Business Administration degree from the Schulich School of Business specializing in Strategy, Finance, and International Business from York University; Master of Public Policy Administration and Law degree, with a Graduate Diploma in Justice Administration from the School of Public Policy, York University.